Email Marketing Hacks

20 steps on how to improve deliverability and open rates

1. – Do not use a free email service as the email you use to send out emails to your subscribers or for your auto responders
2. – Get your subscribers to engage in your emails, ask for a response back to your emails. This will get your emails to get past spam filters if they see your audience is engaging in your emails. Continue reading “Email Marketing Hacks”

Millionaire Mindset

You want to be successful? Never have to worry about money again, not have to wait for that item you wanted to go on sale and just be able to get it whenever? Or how about simply being able to get your family the things they want and never having to say no to them again.
In order to become successful enough to get to that point, you don’t have to have a good college education, multiple degrees, or any degrees. You don’t even have to of graduated high school! Sounds crazy right? Well listen up, because I am going to tell you EXACTLY how to become successful. Continue reading “Millionaire Mindset”