Audiobooks, and the importance of them


Audios are another great alternative to reading, although not a substitute. Sometimes you find yourself busy and unable to sit down and read a book, but you can still put in some head phones and listen to it!

Another benefit of audios is it doesn’t necessarily have to be a book. There are great audios you can listen to from for instance, Bob Proctor. He is a huge inspiration to a lot of people and people will pay hundreds or even thousands to come to one of his events to listen to him speak! But you can do so for free on YouTube.

One huge thing about this is to listen to audios when you sleep, your unconscious mind picks up a lot more information than you think it does, and you got anywhere from 6-10 hours a night, depending on the person, where you can learn and not even know it! I personally will put on a audio of a book and listen to it while I sleep, and depending on the book it is usually done or close to done by the time I wake up! You just listened to a entire book overnight without even realizing it!

The last thing I will recommend with audios is if you have a commute to and from work, you can simply plug your phone into your radio and listen to a audio on the way to work, and on the way home! You will be surprised on how much better you will feel going into work and how much more productive you will be. Then how much more happy you will be when you get home from work and your increases energy levels.

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