Why do people avoid things that “hurt”?

So… As I was at the gym today having another killer work out… (Did shoulders today) I came to realize, why doesn’t everyone work out?

I’ve heard many different stories and excuses from other people but I realized that it really came down to one thing. Continue reading “Why do people avoid things that “hurt”?”

Millionaire Mindset

You want to be successful? Never have to worry about money again, not have to wait for that item you wanted to go on sale and just be able to get it whenever? Or how about simply being able to get your family the things they want and never having to say no to them again.
In order to become successful enough to get to that point, you don’t have to have a good college education, multiple degrees, or any degrees. You don’t even have to of graduated high school! Sounds crazy right? Well listen up, because I am going to tell you EXACTLY how to become successful. Continue reading “Millionaire Mindset”

Books and the importance of reading


There are many books out there that go over personal development and not only get your mindset right, but keep your mindset right. Now I know what your thinking, I don’t read books. That was exactly my mindset starting out as well, I was the guy who copied peoples papers in high school and pretended to read during reading time. I understand, trust me. But, if you want something bad enough. you will do it. Continue reading “Books and the importance of reading”

The power of Mindset


Now I know you guys have been seeing me talk about this “mindset” what exactly is it?

Well the books and audios will really define and show you what it is, but a quick summary i guess you can say is, the wealthy mindset is what it takes to attract success and wealth into your life, without it you will never Continue reading “The power of Mindset”