Email Marketing Hacks

20 steps on how to improve deliverability and open rates

1. – Do not use a free email service as the email you use to send out emails to your subscribers or for your auto responders
2. – Get your subscribers to engage in your emails, ask for a response back to your emails. This will get your emails to get past spam filters if they see your audience is engaging in your emails.
3. – Get your email subscribers to white list you, this will ensure your emails end up in their main inbox and in some cases can completely get past the spam filters no problem
4. – Be transparent when they sign up to receive emails from you, be as specific as you can on how many emails they can expect from you and what they are
5. – Mix your emails up don’t just send sales emails, it results in high spam rates and low open rates. People will then slowly forget who you are or why they signed up and unsubscribe from you. Mix in some emails with interesting facts or free offers or something the audience would find interesting with no sales pitch.
6. – Double opt in will get rid of the people who put in random email addresses which will result in higher open rates, more serious people on your list, and way lower spam rates.
7. – Catchy headlines, The headline HAS to grab their attention or they most likely will not open it, people’s email folders are swarmed with unopened emails, you have to stand out. First impression is key
8. – Keep the amount of links you have in your email down to a minimum. You would think the more links you have the more likely they are to click on it right? Well the more links the higher risk your email goes to spam as well.
9. – Watch your choice of words, try to stay away from salesy words like “free” “buy” “money”, instead try to find alternative words if you must use any words of that manner.
10. – Keep your emails small, don’t attach big files or a bunch of large images, also keep your image to text ratio even. you do not want to many photos in your emails.
11. – Team up with a reliable ESP(Email Service Provider) low score ESP is bound to end up in the spam box, not much you can do about it.
12. – Get certified! f you are on a dedicated IP space, you should definitely look at the certification provided by a company called Return Path. Once they audit your mailing practices, you can get a Sender Score Certified status which will guarantee that you inbox at most of the major ISPs out there. This service is not free, but it definitely deserves a closer look. The money spent on the fees should be easily returned by the increased conversions.
13. – Ask your email subscribers to add your email address to their contact lists, it is a for sure way to end up in their main email
14. – Use clear, trustworthy From field names, such as: “contact@”, “newsletter@”, “support@”, feedback@”, trust me it makes a huge difference!
15. – Stay in touch! the more emails you send the better, sounds contradicting but if your only sending 1 email a month they will forget who you are quickly and mark you as spam which will hurt your reputation badly
16. – Make your emails long enough to where your reader has to scroll down. Email providers use that as an interaction on your email and will boost your rates even higher.
17. – Stay away from all caps and exclamation marks as much as you possibly can, especially in subject lines.
18. – Make sure your subject line and your body of your email match and your subject line isn’t misleading
19. – Clean up your email list, a bigger list IS NOT better. why? the more emails you are sending out to people who don’t open your emails, the lower your reputation goes, and then the more emails you send go into spam.
20. Leave a unsubscribe link in your email, the easier it is for a user to unsubscribe the less likely they are to report your emails as spam and ruin your reputation.

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  1. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you’re utilizing? I’m experiencing some small security problems with my latest site and I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?

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