How To Successfully Build A Online Business

So, lets jump straight into this, I’ve had a lot of people asking me.. “Cody, why is it your business is so profitable but every time I try I don’t seem to get the same results?”

As there could be many different key factors that affect this outcome, as I’ve talked with these people more and more I have noticed 1 key similarity in everyone asking me this . What Is it you may ask?

Well it is simply they are not getting clear on their business, and where they want to go with their business. What do I mean?

Its as simple as answering a few key questions that will boost your sales and conversions in your business, regardless what niche you are in, as long as you are able t answer these questions fully.

First question, “what is it that drives you to get out of bed every single day, what is it that motivates you and drives you to success?” For me, this is providing a life style for me and my family that we don’t need to “escape” from, or work all week for the weekend.

I simply want to provide a life where I don’t have to tell my kids no to something they deserve to have because I can’t afford it. I don’t want to come home and not be able to get my girlfriend a present on her birthday and try to find an excuse for why I couldn’t. Regardless if she wants one or not, I feel obligated specially as the man of the household.

I want to be able to be at the dinner table with my family every dinner and not be stuck in traffic waiting to get home from a typical job. I want to be able to leave and go on vacation whenever I please for however long I please without having to worry about money or get permission from someone else on how to live my life with the fear of all my income being shut off if I don’t listen to him.

I could keep going on but I think you get the point, right? Notice how specific and in detail I was getting with that? I know exactly what I want, and what I don’t want. Reminding myself of that every single day motivates me and drives me to become successful, more and more as each day progresses.

The next question after that is “What does your dream day look like?” This is something that is very critical to get extremely clear on. You should be able to see this day from beginning to end vividly when you close your eyes and think about it.

For me this would be waking up every single day to no alarm clock with my girlfriend beside me in our warm cozy house. Being able to go make breakfast with my family as we are all waking up and enjoy a nice meal with them before we head up the mountain pass with our skis and snowboards to go boarding for the day. To then go out to eat out at a nice restaurant as the day turns into night and we get some rest after a long day. Then, as we are driving off into the sunset back to our 5 bed 4 bath 11,000 square foot house to relax we get to enjoy the nice cool breeze and fresh air and simply do it over again.

This would be one of my dream days in winter. Now that I know my dream day, the next question would be “How much does that typical day cost?”

At this point, you will break down these numbers as best as you can and then add-on an additional 50 percent on top of it to cover any hidden costs you wouldn’t expect that could happen. So if this typical day for me and my family cost us 1,000 dollars for example. I know I need to figure out how to make at least 1,500 dollars a day to live that lifestyle. Or, 45,000 a month.

So now at this point I have a starting number I know I need to live my dream lifestyle and this is where you can now break down how to get this dream lifestyle.

Your next question you will ask yourself is “what do you enjoy doing, and how can you turn it into profit?”

An example of this would be a buddy of mine who loves to work out, stay in shape, and be fit. Due to the fact that he loves this, he already does it a lot, and is extremely knowledgeable in this subject and already loves to do research on this topic so it isn’t work to him, but instead kind of like a hobby.

So, if he loves to work out, stay in shape, eat right, and just be healthy. He has multiple things he can offer to people who also enjoy the same interests.

He can offer personal training online, and offline and actually is two of the products he offers. His offline method being more expensive because it takes more of his time and personalization runs anywhere from 60-80 dollars per a 1 hour session with him. His online method people tell him their goals via chat and what they want to accomplish, then simply custom maps a workout routine and weekly planner for them to follow every week, making a new one each week. He currently charges $99 dollars monthly for this service and has over 400 clients who use it. That is nearly 40,000 dollars a month just from that!

Now he still has other products and services he offers, like nutrition and meal prep which he also makes online and sends to his clients based on their goals and needs. Mapping out every single meal for every day and this service he charges $149 dollars for and again, has about 400 clients who do this. That is an additional $60,000 dollars almost! So of his two online products, he makes just with his current monthly customers about 100,000 dollars. NOT including his personal training he does in person where he averages 3-4 training sessions a day so about 200-320 additional dollars a day, or 6,000-9,600 a month!

Then he also makes commissions on any products he sells his customers. Online, or Offline. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, supplements, ect… He sells these products daily between all the customers he has and is an additional income.

Now no, he didn’t get here over night. But, over time, you see how this adds up right? He got to where he is now by answering this next basic question about his business, “What is your Ideal Client”

His ideal client would be either A) Someone who goes to the gym not so much because they enjoy it, but to get in shape and get healthy or B) Because they enjoy it, do it as a hobby, and want to get the best results possible and put on healthy lean muscle effectively.

Now that he knows his Ideal Customer, his next question would be, “where do these people hangout and flock to?”

He probably already had an idea on this seeing he enjoyed doing this before making a profit from it, and could just look where he spends his time and know that’s where his customers probably are to. But, lets say he didn’t know, how would he find out?

He could simply go on google, and type in keywords, his first Ideal Customer would probably type something in on google like “How to lose weight fast” so, he would type that key word in himself, and see what pops up. The ones at the top of google are going to be the top sites people go to, meaning they are probably doing the best and are where his customers are.

Then that leads him to his next question “How do I grab their attention and get them to notice me and buy MY products, instead of my competitors?”

He is already in the home stretch to starting his first 6 figure online business, or in his case, first 6 figure per a month online business. He knows where his customers are, so, all he has to do now is take that URL of the site where his customers are most likely hanging out, and plug it into . Doing this will show everything you need to know about your competitor. It will give you details on how much traffic is coming in, where it is coming from, and where your competitor is advertising to.. not only this, but it will show you EXACTLY what your competitors ads look like as well.

So now that you got this information, what do you do next? Well, duplicate, replicate, you simply take what is working for your competitor, and duplicate it to the best of your abilities. If your competitor has an Ad with a picture of a sculpted guy doing dumbbell curls looking to the left and it says above the ad “Learn how to get a sculpted body in less than 90 days” You are going to get a picture of a sculpted guy doing dumbbell curls looking to the left, and put above it “Learn how to get a sculpted body in less than 75 days”

You just one-upped your competitor! Now you got his traffic, and you do this for all your top competitors, they already did the research for you, you simply take that and duplicate it, simple right?

Now maybe you don’t have business experience, or the tools and software programs needed to make these kind of things possible. Maybe you have never had any online business training before, or maybe you don’t even have a business or product to sell for yourself.

But this is completely fine, because just a year ago, I was in the same exact position as you. Yes that is right, before I started making multiple 6 figures online, I was a beginner as well. Just like walking, everyone has to learn it eventually.

This is exactly why we have got a system built-in place for the newest user to have success, without all the high costs and years of learning.

What If I told you that you didn’t need a product, a business, any prior experience, any prior business knowledge, no degrees, and no software programs. What If I told you all you needed to get started on EXACTLY what I mentioned above was a laptop and internet connection?

If this is something that interests you, and you would like to learn more, simply click the link below and register for our free “6 figure online business training program” to learn how this is all possible.

(Warning, this training might cause loss of sleep the next few days after you realize you can generate the life you have always wanted as well)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Your soon to be business partner, Cody Harris

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