Why do people avoid things that “hurt”?

So… As I was at the gym today having another killer work out… (Did shoulders today) I came to realize, why doesn’t everyone work out?

I’ve heard many different stories and excuses from other people but I realized that it really came down to one thing. It hurts, its painful, its tough, and takes dedication and commitment… Kind of like how business works…

Except yeah, it’s not so much a physical pain like the gym where you feel it in your body and muscles… But more of a mental pain to begin with… You see, just like going to the gym, the first little bit hurts REALLY BAD.. Like anyone who has gone to the gym knows the first week, nobody likes the first week, its painful… Which, is where most people who have gone to the gym, quit… Within the first few weeks.. Why? Because that pain.. It isn’t “comfortable”

But the ones who stuck with it, they came to realize it hurts less and less as time progresses, until you find yourself enjoying it and seeing the health effects of it and realizing you couldn’t live without going to the gym every week now…

This is how business is ran.. The first little bit, NOBODY likes… It is very painful. It takes an investment you know you aren’t going to see back the next day. You are going to exhaust yourself time and financially wise. You are going to, in the beginning, spend every dollar you got extra on it. You are going to sacrifice going out that weekend, and many other weekends, to get this thing going. Along with any extra time you got. No more late night movie nights, nights out with the boys and girls, and no more sleeping in, if you are even lucky to get 8 hours of sleep…

You see what I mean? That doesn’t sound enjoyable at all, why would anyone do that? Well lets put it this way. The only way to fail at anything in life, is to quit. If you never give up on it ever, there is no way possible for you to fail or be unsuccessful with it. And same as the gym, business gets better and better with time. You start seeing profit back, then all of a sudden you broke even on your business and now the exciting part happens where you start seeing PROFIT!

This is where the addiction happens.. This is where, it doesn’t matter how bad it hurt in the beginning…

Do you honestly think you are going to look back and regret making those investments in the beginning when you are living in your dream house, having so much money in your bank account it looks like your phone number, never having to report to a boss again or wake up to an alarm clock. Sitting in traffic is now an optional thing if you want to go to an event near you instead of going to work, taking off as much time as you want whenever you want. Like the list goes on and on.

The point I am trying to get at here is simply this… Every single thing that is labeled as “great” or “extraordinary” results, you are going to have to make a small sacrifice in the beginning to get.

Now… What if you had a system that helped with that? What if you had a system that did 90% of the work for you and, while doing so, cut your learning curve by over 90%?

Yeah, you are still going to have to make a small investment, make some sacrifices, and all that. BUT it wont be as long as if you were starting from scratch and learning from your own mistakes…

Instead, learn from someone else’s mistakes.. A.K.A. a mentor. Some one who once was where you are, did the work, got the results, and can now teach it on to others EXACTLY what works and cut out all the stuff that doesn’t work. Maximizing results and cutting time.

What if you had this? Along with a system created by this mentor, that was able to cut out 90% of the work for you. Never having to get on a sales call and try to sell something to someone, never having to create your own videos or content or ads and see what works, all given to you and proven to work to generate income profitably. To not have to send out thousands of emails a day to your clients trying to give them value and understand why your product makes sense.

Never having to do sales presentations. I mean the list goes on and on… What if all this was provided for you? What would that be worth to you….

I know I personally would easily pay 50 thousand dollars for something like that. I spent more than that to get that myself. Well over double. If someone offered that to me for 50 thousand dollars and told me I had 24 hours to come up with the money I would find a way to get it and would make it happen after knowing what I know now..

But what If you didn’t have to pay that? What if you only had to pay a fraction of a fraction of that? Would you do it?

What if I told you that we developed a system that does exactly that. Does 90% of the process for you, and what if I told you that you would have the chance to work side by side with me and my business and learn all the secrets I use to generate over 6 figures in my business?

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